About This Blog

Welcome to my new blog devoted mostly to bird photography and tales of my adventures in finding a variety of species to add to my life list, along with photographs of the birds I have found during my excursions.  Sometimes you’ll meet some of my friends who range from talented birders,to talented photographers to people I have forced at gunpoint or through emotional blackmail to join me in  the field.

American "Painted" Lady

An American "Painted" Lady Butterfly, Vanessa virginiensis, and a Japanese Beetle fraternizing in my garden.

From time to time I’ll post some non-bird related photographs too.  And if I happen to be documenting a particular critter, I will try to tag the posts so that you can find out what is happening with them, like Squeezil, the squirrel that used to visit my office and beg for peanuts.

In addition to the photos posted here, please feel free to visit my flickr and youtube pages.  I use the same user name there so the links are pretty straightforward:




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