Is it Spring Yet?

This has been a very cold and Snowy winter and I am really looking forward to the spring and the migrants that come with the warmer weather.  I never tire of our winter birds, in fact many of these species are birds I look forward to seeing every day at my office.

Not just birds mind you, I get some other critters too.

Who doesn’t love ducks?  In addition to our year round buddies, the Mallard and the Black Duck, we get Long-Tailed Ducks, Bufflehead, Goldeneyes and Mergansers.  I can see Common Mergansers, Common and Barrow’s Goldneyes at my office.  This year I was able to add Green-Winged Teal to my “yard list” at work too.

This year I have had the pleasure of getting really good looks at some Muskrats too…

And near my office I have also had a fair amount of raptors this year, as well as some rare Glaucous Gulls…

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