Barn Swallow Chicks

This week’s edition of Focus on Wildlife in the Courier features this image of baby barn swallows being fed by a doting parent.  Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) are our friends, especially this year!  With all of th erain and the moisture we’ve had a banner year for mosquitoes and other bugs.  Barn Swallows feast upon these insects and make our lives a better place.

Plus, they are so damn cute!  Watching Barn Swallows fly is a joy.  They fly so swiftly and with great agility.  Trailing behind them is a distinct, long, forked tail.  Their breasts are a rusty color that contrasts with their luminescent blue wings and backs.


For just $10 you can purchase an 8×10 of these barn swallow chicks being fed.  80% of your donation will go to the Animal Welfare Society.

Barn Swallow Chicks








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