Little Blue Heron

This week’s image in the Focus on Wildlife column features a photograph of a Little Blue Heron taken in the Goosefare Brook in-between Saco and Old Orchard Beach.

The Little Blue Heron (egretta caerulea) is certainly not as well-known or as frequently observed in Maine as the larger and beloved Great Blue Heron. On average, the little blue is about half the size and doesn’t even weigh a full pound. Immature little blues are white and greatly resemble the Snowy Egret, which is the same size. In fact, young little blues s congregate with snowies, making identification a bit tricky at times. Luckily, the snowy has bright orange feet.

This bird was catching mummichog in a panne in the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in the high marsh above Goosefare Brook. A resident of the southeastern United States, Little Blue Herons usually arrive in Maine in April during migration.

Little Blue Heron







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