Focus On Wildlife

Well I have been a very busy beaver lately…I have had some great opportunities to capture images of birds and mammals alike and lately a lot of youngsters!

But most exciting to report is that I have launched Focus On Wildlife and I have teamed up with a local newspaper, the Courier, to use my photos to promote local wildlife and to raise money for a great local animal shelter.

If you’ll notice, I have added an “order photos” page on this blog.  Every week a photo will be published in the Courier and offered on that page for sale.  An 8×10 goes for $10 and can be picked-up locally at the Courier’s offices.  BUT I would also like to offer these for sale to anyone who reads them on my blog.  Priority mail is roughly $5.00 for shipping, but you could order multiple images and I’d only charge for shipping once.  My goal is that $8 of every $10 goes to the Animal Welfare Society, so If you order 6 or more images the shipping will be free to meet that goal.

Now while I am offering a different image each week through  the Courier, and from the back catalog of those images, I will also take requests.  So if you regularly read this blog and are interested in ordering anything to help the AWS, please e-mail me at focus on wildlife (no spaces) at GMX dot com.  (Spelled out to avoid spam bots.)

Here is a gallery of recent photos for your enjoyment.

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