Dyer Point Gannets

The Northern Gannets is a really cool bird. It is also one that is easily overlooked by the average person. From far away it looks like a gull, nothing really noteworthy. It stays far off the coast usually and is easier seen from a boat.

Whenever I go to places on the coast and I look out over the horizon, I home to catch a glimpse of a Gannet. If I am lucky I can make one out enough to tell it from a Great Black Backed Gull or to see one dive into the water in pursuit of fish. But rarely do I get the opportunity I had yesterday at Dyer Point in Cape Elizabeth.

Six Northern Gannets very far out at sea were diving for fish. In the first image in the set you’ll see 5 of them. A fog rolled in very shortly after I took this image, but then as I walked back up the rocks towards my car five of them came in close to the coastline and I was able to get some great shots.

Later this week I will post some other images from my excursion including some gorgeous Harlequin Ducks.


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