Playing Catch-Up

Sometimes I luck out and I can get close to my targets, other times, they are so far away I am lucky that I can even capture them on “film.”  The past month I have had some nice encounters with Dark-Eyed Juncos, White-Crowned and White-Throated Sparrows, reclusive Hermit Thrushes, and of course the Blue Jays that swoop in for peanuts on my deck.

At the beach I had Sandlerlings and Dunlin.  There were Horned Larks, Snow Buntings and some Lapland Longspurs in the marsh area by Hatties. I also spotted a late Killdeer and some Greater Yellowlegs.
But I was not able to get close to distant Northern Gannets that were barely visible over the horizon, Black Gullemots swimming a great distance off of the East Point,Common and Red-Throated Loons, Horned and Red-Necked Grebes and Surf Scoters and Common Mergansers all just a bit too far away.

So enjoy the bounty of the past and I hope that a new wave of migrants will arrive so I can provide you some more interesting photos.


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. These are great! What size is the Hermit Thrush? (I’m in the UK, and I don’t think we have them here.) It looks small – like a European Robin. Or is that an optical illusion?

    • Size is always tricky unless you have something in the image that you can use as a point of reference. I’d say the hermit thrush is in between the size of the European Robin and the European Starling. Its 6″ – 7″. Its smaller than the American Robin. Look this bird up to hear its song. It has a beautiful haunting flute-like song. I am glad you enjoyed the images 🙂

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