Fall Migration Continues

For the past week a few Black Skimmers have been reported at Pine Point in Scarborough.  The first time I ever saw a Black Skimmer was in June of 1994 on Sandy Hook in New Jersey.  The Skimmer is shaped much like a tern except as you can see in  the photos, it has a very long bill that is very thin when you look at it straight on.  The lower bill is significantly longer than the upper bill.

As the skimmer flies over the surface of the water, its keeps its mouth open and its lower bill in the water skimming for fish.  But when it sits on the shore, it does look a bit silly.

With all of the rain we have been having, I have not had a chance to see the skimmer until today.  When I left my house, the trees and the flower beds were full of American Goldfinches.  I also spied a handful of Pine Siskins, one Catbird and one Brown Thrasher. So my departure was delayed a little while I took advantage of the photo op.

When I arrived at Pine Point, there were the usual assortment of gulls, a large number of Dunlin, an Osprey circling overhead, a few yellow legs and five Black-Bellied Plovers.

When I returned home, there were still a large number of Goldfinches, but also chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, red-eyed vireos and a female Downy woodpecker.  Save for the vireo, the others will be sticking around this winter.


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