Camp Ellis

I’d like to start off with the fact that I couldn’t think of a clever pun or pop culture reference for this post. It was a bit of a washout this weekend, but I had a small window of opportunity and I took it by heading down to Camp Ellis late in the afternoon on Sunday. There are a lot of Barn Swallows that have nested under the dock.

While photographing some black ducks on the floats a Barn Swallow and later a young common tern flew very close to me and then landed. This gave me a great opportunity for photography, but in very tricky lighting. In fact, the Tern was severely backlit or sidelit and in order to get any detail I had to overexpose the images by over two stops.

But when the Barn Swallow landed on the fence, I was able to position myself to get some great lighting, and by playing with my exposure settings I was able to get the background to black-out completely on some shots of a Herring Gull.

Here is a short video showing the barn swallow perched on the fence, a young tern perched on a float, and later on the Police/Fire/Rescue Boat moored at Camp Ellis and also some black ducks eating seaweed off of the floats.


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