One Good Tern Deserves Another

My last post was of some Terns and this one is a follow-up to that post.  I re-terned to Biddeford Pool yesterday and was able to stealthily approach an adult common tern and two of its offspring on the rocks a few metered from the beach.

On the rocks were a lot of Gulls, Eiders, some Ruddy Turnstones, Least Sandpipers, and Sanderlings.  Nearby were other peeps, like Semipalmated plovers.  But I focused mostly on the terns.  I shot some video with my camera, its handheld so please forgive any shaking as the camera and lens with the flash weigh about 7 to 9 lbs.  I did my best to stabilize the camear on my leg or when I could, on some rocks.

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