Acadia National Park – Some Bird Photos

As promised I’d deliver some photos of wildlife from my trip to Acadia.  I apologize that the quality is not the same as my usual posts.  I took these images with a kit lens (55-250mm) as opposed to my usual 100-400mm L Lens.

There was a common loon swimming and fishing at Jordan Pond.  I was able to get some video of it and some distant photos.  I really lucked out when it swam underwater in the shallows near where I was taking the photos.  The black and white pattern on the loon’s back actually casts a rainbow as it swims underwater.

I also encountered a couple of juvenile Black&White Warblers being attended to by their father.  At Boothbay Harbor there was a Laughing Gull circling around the docks.  The reflection of a tour boat made an interesting background when the bird dove towards the water to retrieve something floating in the water.

In Camden Harbor there were a lot of ducks.  Mostly black ducks and some ducklings, but also this hybrid.  My assumption is that it is a Mallard or a Black Duck crossed with a domestic duck.  I can’t explain the white breast any other way, but I am open to suggestion.

The last photo is the duck that Jenny had when we went to Primo in Rockland.  I couldn’t help but to include it.


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