Living Up To Their Name

Of all of the noises I hear birds make, like the sweet-sweet-sweet-I’m so sweet of the yellow warbler, or the soft cooing of the morning dove, and even the silly manic laughing of the nuthatch, by far my favorite bird noise is the chittering of the Chimney Swift.

Today I had a handful of them flying around in my neighborhood, and I spent 15 painful minutes of trying to get a clear image of one.  They bank erratically and fly so quickly that its difficult to track  them and the servo focus rarely gets it right, especially if there is anything other than blue sky behind them.

So please, don’t mind the poor photo quality, I hope to get better images, but its going to take a lot of patience.  Thank goodness for digital photography!


4 thoughts on “Living Up To Their Name

  1. A friend sent me a video. She had friends telling her it was bats, but I was leaning toward swifts. She’s certain now that these are what are whipping around her neighborhood at day’s end. Will forward your post along to her. 🙂

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