A Lost Sole…

Yesterday someone spotted a Chestnut-Collared Longspur in Biddeford Pool.  Today birders from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine came out to relocate the bird.  I headed out with great zeal in pursuit of another life bird.  The Chestnut-Collared Longspur is a bird of the prairies and should be out in Wyoming or Manitoba, certainly not this far east.  And its alone. (Hence the pun in the title of this post.)  Its also declining in numbered and listed as near threatened.

He was a very cooperative “model” disappearing for a while here and there, but more often than not landing on the grass of the walking path rather than hiding in the higher grasses that border the path.  I crawled on my belly to get as close as possible to grab some clear photos and video.  When I got too close he would just hop up in the air about a foot and fly a very short distance down he path from me.

Here are a few photos from this afternoon and a video of the Longspur.


5 thoughts on “A Lost Sole…

    • Thanks! I tried something different with the cropping. I usually go with Rule of Thirds or something close to that, but I have been playing around with the Golden Spiral (the Fibonacci Spiral) and I like the finished product.

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