Biddeford Bobolink and other Rotary Park Regulars

This morning I decided to visit Rotary Park in Biddeford.  In the summer this is usually a reliable spot for Indigo Buntings.  This morning when I arrived in the parking lot near the football field I was greeted by a Veery.  This veery was a little leery and flew into the woods when I rolled down the window to take a picture.

I walked up the hill.  This hill was at one time used as a small ski slope with a rope tow.  Now its just grassland with a small trail mowed in it.  I spotted an Indigo bunting and tried to get close enough for a photo.

Typically I will shoot from a few vantage points en route to my desired shooting spot.  Its insurance.  If the bird flies and I don’t get another shot at least I have a record of seeing it.  Today, I was probably at my 4rth stop out of 5 or 6 stops on the path to the ideal shooting location when the bunting took off.  The flight shots were not useable, but before he took-off I managed to a get a decent shot.  That photo is posted below in the gallery.

While at the top of the hill I watched a group of Barn Swallows flying erratically anywhere and everywhere they could, hawking for bugs.  Chimney Siwfts and Tree Swallows were also present and two small flocks of Cedar Waxwings flew in too.  It was at this point I thought I heard some Boblinks.

I also heard several different bird vocalizations coming rapid fire from an area near the dog park.  Each song repeated once so I knew I had a Brown Thrasher.  He was perched high, so he stood out, but he was still a little further than I would have liked.

Heading back down the hill I caught sight of a Bobolink flying in.  This was the first time that I have seen a Bobolink in Saco-Biddeford. The Boblink’s call is “metallic.”  To me it sounds a lot like R2D2 from Star Wars.  I got a half-way decent flight shot and then he sat in the grass for me.  There were at least two (one male and one female) and possibly a second male.

Chestnut-sided and Yelow Warblers and also American Redstarts were found all over the park.  Northern Flickers, Brown Headed Cowbirds, Eastern Kingbirds and a couple of Catbirds were found near the football field and also the parking area by the boat launch.  I got a surprise fly-over by a Great Egret and also a femal Wood Duck who looked like she could use some new feathers.

Enjoy the gallery!


2 thoughts on “Biddeford Bobolink and other Rotary Park Regulars

  1. It is so nice of you to get up early and go take pictures of these lovely birds so that I don’t have to! Now if I could also convince the neighbor not to get up early and start hammering away at his house siding, I would have it made! 🙂

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