Whole Lotta Love…

Migration has tapered off and now the birds are getting down to business.  Some birds have already had their young, like many of the ducks and the geese.  At Biddeford Pool yesterday, a friend of mine and I found a creche of Eiders.  There were about 8 adult females and 27 ducklings in the coves near the trailhead for the Eastpoint.

Other birds are nesting.  At the Sanford Sewerage District we found a Killdeer sitting on her scrape right in the middle of a road.  Luckily there is not any vehicular traffic there and hopefully birdwatchers know what to look for.  In the photo of the Killdeer standing you can make out one egg.  Notice how it blends in with the rocks.

But while some birds are bringing up baby and others are sitting on their nests…some birds are getting busy.  We witnessed a pair of Spotted Sandpipers mating yesterday, and today in the Pool near the intersection of Bridge Rd and the Mile Stretch I observed a pair of Willets mating among a dozen or so Black-Bellied Plovers that pretended not to notice.  (The fact that they called “bow-chicka-bow-wow” instead of the usual “pee-ooo-wee” gave them away.)

At the beach where Bridge Road meets the Mile Stretch there were two piping plovers, one of which was doing Yoga.  I believe the pose is called “King Dancer.”

Off the coast, about 10 miles out, was the USS George H. W. Bush, the last Nimitz class aircraft carrier.  In this photo you can see an SH-60 Seahawk landing on the deck.  Of course as a bird nerd I know there is no such bird as a Seahawk, and the Navy should have chosen “Osprey” as the correct name, but then again that was taken by the V-22.


One thought on “Whole Lotta Love…

  1. Looks like you had another great day out, Chuck. I love the creche of ducklings and the Plover Yoga pose. Of course, I’m much too refined to comment on the Willets.

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