Lunch Buddy

Just before I headed home for lunch I checked my e-mail and saw  that just down the street from me, someone had spotted an American Bittern.  The West Brook skate pond near the Knights of Columbus is an interesting spot.  Its located near Clifford Park and in the winter time this small pond is filled with skaters, but in the warm months especially during wet springs, its a small marsh.

In May of 2009, Jenny, my girlfriend, was on her way to work and said she noticed some odd ducks.  I checked it out and there were Blue-Winged Teals in with the mallards, but I also spotted a White-Faced Ibis which is very rare in this far East.  So its a spot that I check out when I drive to and from Biddeford Pool.

When I got there I saw the American Bittern about halfway between the parking lot and the far edge of the pond.  The lighting was directly above, but with the water reflecting light back upwards.  There were tons of no-see-ums too.  So occasionally what I thought was light reflecting off the water onto the bittern were actually no-see-ums flying in front of the bird or my camera.

In addition to the Bittern I observed my FOY (First of Year) Green Heron, a Belted Kingfisher, two Eastern Phoebes, a Northern Parula, and two Broad-Winged Hawks fighting.  Pretty exciting lunch break!  Plus I have two life birds in the past week! (Virginia Rail and American Bittern)



6 thoughts on “Lunch Buddy

  1. Wonderful video! I love how still it stands…and then moves in slow motion. All the while ignoring the noise from the parking lot…nerves of steel, that one!

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