I Can’t Stand The Rain

So May is the big birding month in Maine.  Migration gets into full swing and since May 1 we have had nothing but rain.  This weekend I had a chance to go out and see a few places and I came across a lifer, a Virginia Rail, thanks to some teamwork.  Lena, Brad, and I headed to Capisic Pond Park early on Sunday.  We were able to track the rail down by ear.

We then met up with Peter, Bill and Sue and they lent their ears and eyes to the cause.  Lena climbed a tree and her bird’s-eye view helped track the rail’s movement in  the reeds.  He popped out for just a fleeting glimpse and I was able to capture a couple of images.

The six of us headed to Evergreen Cemetery where there was a Blue-Headed Vireo, but not much else (asides from the abundant and ever present mallards and black ducks) near the main ponds.  The junk pond was quiet as well.  We saw some flickers, mockingbirds and cardinals near the soccer field and had a great encounter with a Red-Tailed Hawk in the woods on the way back to the car.

On Monday, I joined up with another friend (also named Brad) and we were able to locate the Hooded Warbler in Biddeford.  Also present were 2 – 4 BCNH and lots of swallows.

Enjoy the pics!


One thought on “I Can’t Stand The Rain

  1. I love rain, but it’s frustrating me a bit, too. Nice pics, Chuck. The hooded warbler is interesting – I’ve never seen that bird before. I hope you’ll post some of your hawk photos!

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