Interesting Osprey Flight Characteristics

I was on my way from a property I manage in Portland to one in Falmouth at just after 5PM yesterday when I noticed a pair of Osprey on the Fore River.  I pulled over to watch one of them soaring over the trail along the Fore River Parkway.  Then I noticed (while I was taking some photos) that it was moving it’s legs and feet forward as if it was going to catch or grab something, but it remained in soaring flight.


That was when I realized, if you are going to take a crap while flying, its good to move your legs and feet out of the way first.


6 thoughts on “Interesting Osprey Flight Characteristics

  1. Generally, I always try to get my feet out of the way first. HA! I have a big series of images of birds crapping, Black Crowned Night Heron, Broad Winged hawk, Woodcocks and more! I decided since I have so many that it’s my photography market niche, “Feces SPecies.” If you want a shot of a bird crapping, I’m your girl! Just ask me. 🙂

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